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How big is the clitoris of a female bodybuilder?

They beleived they were gods in them selves so they sculpted there bodies, just like there statues. Morphologie, Hausfigkeit, Entwicklung und Vererbung der verschiedenen Genitalformen" Genital findings in the female pseudo-hermaphroditism of the congenital adrenogenital syndrome; morphology, frequency, development and heredity of the different genital forms. No need for gym workouts really.

The clitoris has only the function of inducing sexual excitement - it even has erectile tissue and a gland, just like the penis. In terms of biology, small breasts make milk for the baby just as well as large ones. Then put hand on clit then rub it or make your fingers go in a up and down motion. Bodybuilding requires an extreme amount of focus on weight trainingand muscle development.

If your clit is more than 2cm cm in length when aroused, that would be considered large. On the other hand, in Obstetrics and Gynecology medical literature, a frequent definition of clitoromegaly is when there is a clitoral index (product of lengthwise and crosswise widths) of greater than 35 mm2 (0.05 inches2 which is almost twice the size. For many the goal is to build the maximum amount of lean, visible muscle and minimize body fat.