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She recognized it as a horse whip and began panicking, struggling and screaming through her gag, completely desperate to be spared what was to come. Strong shivers ran through Celinas spine as she felt his hot breath between her butt cheeks, an eager mouth tonguing her asshole, he seemed to really enjoy it as his hands spread apart her still aching cheeks. He pressed harder with more determination. The African led Celina over to the pillar closest to the minister, removing the chain from the collar, attaching it to the wrist cuffs and raising her arms over her head, fastening the chain to the iron hook.

A rope was then wrapped around her head, holding the cloth into place. One simply put his finger to his lips, signalling for her to be silent. In his mind, now that Sam was no longer caught up in the distractions of divorce and the headaches his ex-wife had been giving him, he could suddenly see that Celina was truly beautiful,.

Smiling with approval, JR instructed her to get undressed. Not one mans eyes were not on her as at the encouragement of the bartender, she was lifted up on to the bar table, her legs dangling off the edge.