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The manga of Ocarina of Time has a few female Gorons that are only visibly different due to long eyelashes. Weirdly, though they are also cloned, the Vorta are not single-gender.

Word of God says that the world of the Banestorm also has Euryales, a small all-female reptilian race, whose eggs are fertilized by eating their dead; and Sthenos, a much bigger all-female reptilian race, produced by a virus. Although he was probably acting as an Audience Surrogate for anyone who knew they cast all the Taelons with female actors. It is a pretty good middle of the road vape.

They also have no intention of allowing the men to disrupt their way of life, and aren't going to keep them prisoner; much more humane to simply kill them. Both of whom might have been Autobots or their descendants: Blackarachnia was a reprogrammed Maximal (Autobot descendant and Strika is a revived spark, of unknown original side. I dont think they came out with the wax cartridge yet though. What I like about this one is you can get a lot of vapor from it and get big clouds.