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Sexual assault in Japan: Every girl was a victim

In Ogawa's opinion, the badges are an important intervention because they do not label anyone a victim or perpetrator, and they prompt discussion. Last year, Japan's labour ministry released findings from an unprecedented study, in which, of nearly 10,000 female respondents aged 25 to 44, almost one-third of women said they had been sexually harassed at work, with inappropriate touching being one of the most common problems. There are no accurate figures on the number of victims; only a fraction are believed to report incidents. Thank you for rating this video!

Some years later, on her first day of senior high school, she was groped on the commute home. She believes that people saw what was going on, but nobody helped. Within walking distance of Ikebukuro train station, among the lanes of restaurants, are a number of mostly unsigned JK cafes.

"I hear many girls telling me that they have experienced men's hands under their skirt, and the groper's fingers in their vagina Matsunaga says. She felt they simply did not want any trouble for the company.