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Intrauterine Insemination, also called IUI or artificial insemination, is the process of placing the best sperm inside the uterus. There are legal issues involved in using fresh sperm, of course, as well as the safety and how-to concerns. Before I dove in I promised myself I would not get obsessive about finding the right one. . There are both differences between individuals and between species in tolerance to the freeze-thaw process.

Up to that point, I had never done any research on sperm donation. . I didnt have the emotional energy or even intellectual curiosity to learn about Part two, using my frozen eggs. The freezing-thawing cycle does cause some level cell membrane damage. Never again would I subject myself to drinks with guys who crafted imposter profiles, posted current pictures from their college glory days or starting sexting after date #1. .

S-S: 8:00 9:00. That answer is yes. But back to your question. Open Identity Donor: Sperm bank donor who is willing to be contacted when child reaches a certain age (typically 18).