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So Berry Hot Strip Wax. Find out your nearest Strip Waxing here m the absolute best experience of waxing I have ever had. Amazingly gentle, excellent for sensitive areas and perfect for Brazilian waxing!

Strip were recently announced winner of best waxing salon in Harpers Bazaar Hot 100. Yes that is a lot for a bit of pink sugar, so fingers crossed it does me proud. But I had my very first Hollywood today and not only was it almost pain-free, up until the very last few strips, it was even pretty relaxing!

Mallu aunty and her boyfriend seducing hot. I have had the bog standard bikini wax loads of times, and a few leg waxes, but I have been left sticky, red, sore and generally pretty unimpressed, so stuck to shaving for legs and underarms and bikini trimmer for the old bikini line. Dear god Im easily sold anything lol!