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Some days we all feel like big old horndogs! Each female copulates with many males, and vice versa. Anatomical structures on the head and throat of a domestic turkey. Retrieved 4 December 2012.

Associated Press (via msnbc). "Variation in oxytocin is related to variation in affiliative behavior in monogamous, pairbonded tamarins". "When oxytocin was first discovered in 1909, it was thought mostly to influence a mothers labour contractions and milk let-down.

Rogers, David; Chase, Ronald (2001). Selv om det evolutionsmssige forml med at parre sig kan siges at vre reproduktion, er det ikke selve det, at dyrene fr afkom, der i frste omgang fr dem til at parre sig. Tan, Min; Gareth Jones; Guangjian Zhu; Jianping Ye; Tiyu Hong; Shanyi Zhou; Shuyi Zhang; Libiao Zhang.