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The Beauty Benefits of Sea, water - Michelle Phan

You may not be making a conscious decision to incorporate different forms of water into your skincare regimen, but thermals, rose waters and others are ingredients in many of our face washes and sprays. Heres looking at you 212 Carolina Herrera collabo! Aside from spraying them on directly, you can spritz them onto a sponge or brush meant for foundation application.

While they blend out foundation nicely and allow it to set, they do not grab foundation as well and if one chooses to forgo foundation and go straight to pressed or loose powder, the latter will inevitably cake. Just add a drop or two of essential oil to boiled or distilled water, put that in a spray bottle and you have a homemade facial mist! This scrub exfoliates the skin and clears pores, banishing blemishes and leaving your skin calm and balanced.

Thats because these waters are nutrient-rich and can ease some of our least favorite skin issues. H20 Face Oasis Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser.