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Ebitda ; (iv) Discounted Cash Flow (DCF (v) Revenue, multiple and to a lesser extent; (vi) Dividend Yield; (vii) Entry Cost; (viii) Industry, rule of, thumb. Net realisable value therefore represents a worst case scenario and a selling company should accept no less than this value. Intangible assets such as goodwill, company knowhow, brands and customer lists also have intrinsic value none of which are likely to be captured by NRV. Given the industry and the asking prices for similar businesses for sale across the country, those multiples are far beyond what most buyers would consider reasonable in todays market.

They are also adjusted for unusual or one-time influences. Industry Rule of Thumb In some sectors, the buying and selling of companies is common, therefore leading to the development of industry-wide rules of thumb.

Limitations of adopting this approach to valuation include the assumption of a steady growth in dividends over time, a reasonable cost of capital and that it relies on the company having a history of having paid dividends. Technology companies often adopt a revenue based approach to valuation for the reason that a lot of technology companies are not profit generative (particularly so in the early years of operations) with a lack of profits not representing the.