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Kobe Bryant, posts Pics of his, wife in a Bikini

Stay up-to-date with us! Kobe did not endear himself to his wife with his dozens of affairs and she eventually got fed up and filed for divorce. Bryant was staying at the hotel in Eagle, Colorado in advance of undergoing knee surgery nearby. Granted Kobe likes a mistress or two on the side, but that does not mean he wants to see his family broken.

Different speculations on what is going on with Kobe and his wife have been floating around, and with this footage, we are able to confirm that not only is the marriage on the rocks, but Kobe is living all alone in the doghouse. In December of 2011, his wife Vanessa filed for divorce, but she and Kobe both announced the divorce was called off in January of 2013 and theyve been happily married ever since.

TMZ reports : Were told Kobe is deeply depressed over the situation and is very concerned about how his daughters will handle growing up in two separate households. . Who knows, that was a while ago, but Kobe always seems to be going at it with her. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, facebook, kobe and Vanessa Bryant, facebook, vanessa was so inundated by paparazzi while still attending school that she chose to finish high school via independent study. But dont think for one minute that Kobe is living in some sleazy motel HA!