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More, photo: X, photo: X, image 1 of /. I hear it yelled at me out of car windows, both as an insult to my being short and sometimes as a threat to my safety. It shouldn't be hurled out a car window. I have heard midget jokes from many comedians, including.

New Yorker titled "What's So Funny?" he writes that a standup comedian at the Ice House in Pasadena wasn't getting any laughs, "so she put her script aside and barked, 'Two faggots and a midget walk into a bar.'. Mel Gibson, Michael Richards and, isaiah Washington, calling a person a "midget" is about the last thing anyone in Hollywood has left to apologize for saying.

The terms midget and dwarf had important social meaning in the amusement world. I am a person with dwarfism and I get offended every time I hear someone in Hollywood use that word. But why should someone apologize for using the word midget?