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He has denied the charges. Matt Bowden - Auckland Stargate Operations. Few dealers were approved in the month after law was passed and regulations for the industry might not be ready until June. NZ Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell said the regulations gave shape to the law - it guided dosage limits, the testing system, packaging and health warnings.

Peter Robertson - Mt Albert, Auckland Planet Nature Licence for: Northern Lights Primo and Northern Lights Black Label Skunk. Licence for: XT, White Rhino. "If they don't ask, I don't tell them." Licence for: Red X, Radiation.

Most product licences are for the only party pills on the market, with caffeine, green tea and taurine as more "natural" compounds than the BZP predecessors. "It is not a 'quick bucks' industry. Licence for: Anarchy, Voodoo, Karma, Apocalypse, Outbreak, WTF.