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Soon, even as Brendan is pushing up against the heavy cross-bar to relieve the pressure on his balls, he finds himself involuntarily trying to hump his throbbing cock against the post, something most of the men in the crowd find greatly arousing to watch. Mr Lawson turns. He knows most of the men in the square are experiencing the same stirrings right now.

Oliver, the high born English aristocrat, surrenders his body and soul to the mastery of Brendan, the brute Irish slave boy, as he hooks an arm around the back of each knee and holds his legs back and spread, mutely begging to be fucked. As Brendan does so, a Constables deputy pulls down hard on the rope and tries to clamp the ring shackle around the base of Brendans cock and balls, where his thick iron cock-ring has been fitted. Oliver is subconsciously offering his body to Brendan in submission: Oliver the master wants Brendan the slave to dominate him sexually.

The deputy instructs him, Get up onto your toes and push as hard as you can! On the veranda of the Ganymede Club a gentleman slaps his thigh delightedly and turns to his companion.