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Minty, asian chicken salad BBC Good Food

Drain again well, then tip into a large bowl along with the chicken, cucumber, spring onions and chilli. Mix together the soy or fish sauce, lime zest and juice and sugar, then pour over the noodles. Broccoli would be good in this, I'm sure. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from, charley's jump to navigation, jump to search.

Honey and syrups made from concentrated fruit juice were the earliest known sweeteners. Method, soak the noodles for 5 mins in boiling water or according to pack instructions, until softened. Charleys first decision in the restaurant was to turn the grill around to face the customers, so they could always see their food being cooked, a move that would later become the trademark of the Charleys Philly Steaks chain. Arrange chicken on a cookie sheet, and pour liquid on top.

Drain, then cool under a running tap. I need to go shopping soon!, combine all ingredients except chicken in a bowl.