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Use of a neuromuscular stimulator to increase anal sphincter pressure

Ismail K, Chase J, Gibb S, Clarke M, Catto-Smith A, Robertson V,. Several surgical techniques are used for these patients to correct the etiological factor causing obstruction: rectal prolapse correction or internal intussusception, enterocele or sigmoidocele correction, rectal trans-anal resection with staples (34 and finally the stomata as a last resort (35).

The spinal magnetic stimulation studies also show increased colonic transit in studies conducted in the elderly (61). Colonic pacing in patients with constipation due to colonic inertia. Leong L, Yik Y, Catto-Smith AG, Robertson VJ, Hutson JM, Southwell.

Each current setting was conducted for.2/-9.7 s before increasing to the next higher current, and fatigue was reduced by including a 5-minute rest between stimulations. Clarke M, Catto-Smith A, King S, Dinning P, Cook IJ, Chase J,. We investigate now what is the best way to deliver this electricity if long pulses or pulse train and have found a better response with trains of pulses in animals (16). Yik Y, Ismail K, Hutson J, Southwell.