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What Are The Chances

Sperms are highly motile, virginity does not prevent semen from entering your vagina. It is possible, if a man ejaculates, for some of that sperm to find its way into the vagina. This is because the pre-seminal fluid (sometimes called precum) to have sperm.

These are just some of the questions people ask as they engage in sex or other acts of intimacy. He has to be able to tell right away when he is about to ejaculate so that he can withdrawal in time. But before we go into pregnancy tests, let us first learn more about how one gets pregnant, and many other related questions.

This is followed by the semen, a liquid that is forcefully released, and containing as many as 300 million sperms. An ejaculate is about 2-5 ml in volume and contains 100,000 million sperms per. However, if the semen leaks into the vagina, which is near the anus, there is a small chance that the sperms can travel and fertilize the egg.