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If you have wrinkle, taking sperm facial can help to vanish it over a period of time. You can also use it by mixing it with calendula to heal wounds and skin diseases and remove the scars effectively. As a result, you will have scarring that will appear as whitish or pinkish marks in the surface.

To remove scars with homeopathic creams, apply the cream directly on the scars in thin layer. However, there are those that want to keep it safe by using products, such as Mederma scar cream and stretch mark cream. Since it is less greasy, it penetrates faster deep into the dermal layer of your skin and starts alleviating scarring from your skin. This means that for safety, you should not use any products with Retin-A while breastfeeding.

Calendula, it is a popular and widely used homeopathic cream for removing scars. Using sperm and semen is a natural way to get good looking facial skin. Massage skin with sperm or semen on acne areas.