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Retrieved orsley, John (28 September 2011). Her boss Alfie Moon ( Shane Richie ) persuades her not to, but she suffers a miscarriage shortly after telling Anthony of the pregnancy. "Jessie Wallace returns to EastEnders after three-month break The Daily Record". Hustling my way to the top.

Some former vice presidents have sought other offices after serving as vice president. Kat, appalled by the disclosure, insists their marriage is over and stays with Stacey and Lily. The President pro tempore has the power to appoint any other senator to preside, and in practice junior senators from the majority party are assigned the task of presiding over the Senate at most times.

Residency limitation While it is commonly held that the president and vice president must be residents of different states, this is not actually the case. Derek Branning jamie Foreman ) which briefly ends her marriage with Alfie, becoming penniless and permanently scarred in a fire, later becoming a millionairess and discovering that she has a secret son. And once again viewers will be in tears as they watch Kat come to terms with losing her baby." 46 An EastEnders spokesperson added: "There is a little bit more heartache for Kat and Alfie as they try. Between 18, the vice presidency was vacant on sixteen occasionsas a result of seven deaths, one resignation, and eight cases in which the vice president succeeded to the presidency.