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He rents a slummy apartment for a buck and a half a night, retrieves his belongings from the bus locker, and buys another fifth of alcohol for himself. At her door as she searches for her key, he hustles her unexpectedly and quickly. Rossen's shattering experience of naming names in the 1950s huac hearings (after being blacklisted and then recanting two years later) influenced his writing for this film - the low-life, bruised film hero is both self-hating and cowardly. Features include Kawasaki FX1000 engine, 104 cutting width, Hyper-Drive System, Grammer premium suspension seat (standard simple, service friendly design, and hydraulic wing deck lift.

Cutting Widths: 42 and 52 cut Side Discharge. Drive System: Dual hydrostatic.

Ratings and reviews, no one's reviewed this product yet. Ten grand, I'm gonna win ten grand in one night.