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Arika Sato - The 25 Hottest

Yeah, we had a Korean BBQ night at my house with like 10 bottles of soju. That is what I figured; hey, my Moms maiden name is Kim as well! Entertainment TV, FHM, Maxim, Super Street, Axe and Hite beer, to name a few. This time is to see family and thats been about 6 years since I have seen them, so Im pretty excited.

That is a great attitude to have. Haha So, his first reaction was like, No Dont do it you better not take off your clothes.

Have you had any modeling opportunities in Korea yet? Secure representation with a modeling agency that frequently books models for work within the import circuit. Either they think its cute that you dont know much Korean and theyll give you a little leeway on not knowing when to bow or whos ajima or whos whatever. I learned a bit from my mom but mostly on my own.