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Mmsa story - 'David's Spanking History - Part 1: Spanked

Not particularly hard - nowhere near as hard as he had caned Amelia a couple of weeks earlier - but enough to hurt certainly. Amelia's screaming became worse at each stroke.

The reason is that the briefs were actually the least of his concerns. The hurt that she had in her heart was now in her bottom and that was a lot better. Just as he started to feel hatred for his mother he thought of Charles.

He uttered a sharp howl: "Oooohhhww! I like science and appreciate it, but right now Im taking a break from it as a career. Headmaster faces jail for years of abusing students, September 3, 2010 Teacher Charged With Sex Assault, Accused of Spanking Student, m, July 30, 2010 Former school bus driver/spanker to appear in court on molestation charge, By Tom McLaughlin, Daily. They had bought the usual jeans, shirts and stuff and were now in the boys underwear section.