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March 1, 2018, leave a comment). Read More Hi, everyone! Read More Big news: we'll soon be releasing tickets for WDS 2018, our 8th annual gathering of creative, remarkable people taking place next summer in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Pyramid need to know basis, as portrayed in thrive, the key to keeping secret an agenda as massive as what I am describing is a pyramid structure, a need to know system, where people only understand as much. Here in Portland, WDS week has come to an end and you can view more than 1,200 photos in the official media albums.I'll be sharing more about WDS in the weeks to come, and I'll be linking to posts written by our attendees.

6 Myrkrarfar: Mid-tempo thrash. The next ticket sale is Wednesday, October 25th! If we could just get rid of weapons we could live in a safe world. This is the way it works in the secret societies, the CIA, the banks, the major corporations, the military, the media and on and.