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Notable American Women: A Biographical Dictionary Completing the Twentieth Century, Volume. After a long history of systemic racism in Germany, Lorde introduced a new sense of empowerment for minorities. 74 Lorde and her life partner, black feminist.

In 1968, Lorde published The First Cities, her first volume of poems. De Veaux, Alexis (2000). By homogenizing these communities and ignoring their difference,.women of Color become other, the outside whose experiences and tradition is too alien to comprehend, 2 and thus, seemingly unworthy of scholarly attention and differentiated scholarship. 6671 isbn, oclc 7877113 Biographical films See also edit References edit a b "Audre Lorde".

8 She emphasizes the need for different groups of people (particularly white women and African-American women) to find common ground in their lived experience. See whose face it wears. The Audre Lorde Project.