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Sheffield, erotic, massages in, sheffield, couples, sheffield. Hundreds of ads for adults where hot women offer their sexual services: incredible massages. The holistic approach is that Yoni massage is a spiritual practice that allows a woman to connect to her goddess essence, her feminine core, her Shakti in its many expressions, and ultimately, connect to God. The Kundalini is known to infuse a tremendous amount of energy into a person, and has an incredible ability to heal almost any affliction, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

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To fully awaken this powerful energy can take years of devoted practice in the various disciplines of the Tantric Arts. This Chakra is the seat of unconditional love and divine grace. Your Tantric journey can include interactive elements such as eye contact, breathing techniques, communication, sensual erotic massage, deep relaxation, sacred spot massage. The art and practice of yoni massage is a part of sexual tantra and sacred intimacy.