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Successful, black, man memes quickmeme

However, the worst drawback of this unwanted effect is the foul odor. The Anus Flatulence has all the features of the Faecal, but has ABS, four airbags, ESP and cruise control, and comes in a manual transmission only, while the other models come with automatic.

Despite all of this, the Anus has been quite popular, due to its custom options. The second line of the meme is where the reference intentionally bombs as it is translated by an unaware, upstanding professional black man, who is obviously clueless about the references intended meaning. Then, out of nowhere, the Toyota Anus speeds down the yellow-brick road, hitting all of the characters and leaving behind a trail of carnage.

The car's designer, Jean Lmone-Parte, stated, " It's a car that still gives you a nice feeling when you jump inside, slam the door, drive it, and get out. The prototype model, codenamed ". Maxes out at 60 mph.