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The Pre-War, hammarlund, super Pro - RadioBlvd

More details on that experiment here: In a pinch, when your Comm Window approaches and you cant find the right crystal, this will work pretty well at your Base Station. Click here or on the photo to learn more about this fascinating and rare all-band receiver.

You need uncrowded conditions on these long range frequencies generally not a factor in well-planned military comm circuits. When powering my usual military radio gear in the boonies running casual operations it will go for over a week on a single tank. See Marks excellent site and his work with the M-209 and other related equipment T Mark has also done an impressive job in decoding/demodulating the GRA-71 system with modern data acquisition and software techniques. A pretty good workout (Im told)! .

Thanks to one.F. Solar Powered GRC-109 in the Field Above: The first power supply shakedown operation in the boonies.