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(more) You may be thinking of the appendix which is often removed in people without obvious negative effects. As is customary, we injected contrast through the mucous fistula which demonstrated a fistula between the proximal sigmoid colon the rectum was not present and the dome of the bladder not the bladder neck ( Figure 1 Images A-D). It is a well-known site for the formation of ulcers. The small intestine pulls nutrients out of the digested food.

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The anus is also the site of potential infections and other conditions, including cancer. Cecum the first part of the large intestine Taeniae coli three bands of smooth muscle Haustra bulges caused by contraction of taeniae coli Epiploic appendages small fat accumulations on the viscera if you combine the large and small intestine. Clinical significance Birth defects, including imperforation, stenosis, Tailgut cyst Fistula and anal fissure Hemorrhoids Anal abscesses Sexually transmitted infections Anal warts, also called "anal condyloma" Anal cancer, also called "anal carcinoma and Anal intraepithelial neoplasia Itchiness, called Pruritus ani Trauma;. As a newborn, he had undergone a diverting right transverse loop colostomy by another surgeon, after no meconium appeared on the perineum following 24 hours of life.