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Id be happy to hear your reply. You should be concentrating on remembering important"s, important remarks by critics and other writers in favour of some specific writer; it will help you in making your point clear and even stronger. But basically you could just look at the percentile for each score, and that shows on average, what percentage of high school graduates that scored the equivalent or lower than you.

Once there she'd sit on the edge of the bed then ordered me to remove my pants and underwear and leave them on the floor. GED scoring ranges from 200-800. If you have a high fico score, it means you pay your bills on time with no late or missing payments. (more) 100 is the median for most IQ tests, so anything above that.

Having good summary skills and clear pronunciation are two skillsneeded in the speaking test. The IQ rating scale is built with a mathematical comparison of your mental age with your chronological age, and the result is multiplied by 100 for normalization.