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Do bears hibernate: Polar bear, black bear, grizzly

Supposedly, this was a major reason that Disney renamed their Euro Disney Resort theme park "Disneyland Resort Paris" in 2002. Henry Peacham (15761644 Gentleman's Exercise October sun soul-stirring October air wood-burning October quiet ease-giving October birds poet-calling October trees edge-trembling October light happy-slanting October colours eye-calming October flowers art-begging Terri Guillemets, "October's porch" O'er hill and field October's glories. It's been way too long since I've had a vacation, but the last one was probably good old San Diego, California (the pic you see was taken right before I got dropped trou at Black's Beach).

Oliver Wendell Holmes (18091894 "Autumn The Atlantic Almanac, 1868 Well, the crickets still sing in October And Lily's still trying to bloom Though she's resting her head on the shoulder of death She still shines by the light of the moon. However, Coraline does have a fleur-de-lis brand on her shoulder, which some assume means that she was a prostitute. "Fag" was also slang at British public schools for a younger boy who essentially acted as a servant to an older boy.

Van Morrison, "Moondance recorded 1969 Ripe are October's glories: Come away! With some words, the shift comes from a narrowing of the meaning. Update: Snickers pulled the Web site containing the homophobic ads and commentary. Make the word a plural and it either refers to multiple eggs or testicles.