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On Three : In "A Spy is Born Part 2 Sam tells Clover and Jerry to open the door on three. When the Boys start attacking the Powerpuff Girls, they flip their skirts.

Spoiled Sweet : Sam, Clover and Alex, the latter being a straight-up example. In the dub, they change it so that the boys instead fart in the girls' faces.

While the villain is the Mayor possessed by Tsunayoshi Tokugawa instead of Princess, him declaring that all monsters are free to do whatever they want is very similar to Princess declaring all crime to be legal. E MC Hammer : The Movie has a lot of issues. Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World : Even moreso than the original girls, since the Powerpuffs in this continuity have secret identities and the "make excuses to be let out of class" trope is in full swing.