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Sugizo also helped some artist like yasu ( Janne Da Arc ) solo project, Acid Black Cherry in single " Spell Magic Miyavi 's single " Hi no Hikari sae Todoka nai kono Basho de " and D'espairs Ray. In 2001, sugizo began a production company, Interluxiz, in conjunction with embryo, his new label. Shag, a psychedelic jam band whose improvisational music guides the listener into an ecstatic trance, was born in 2002.

By 1991, luna SEA was signed to MCA Victor, and almost overnight, they were selling out the Tokyo Dome. By the end of THE spank your juice project in 2004, sugizo had released three separate singles and performed more than 20 lives with THE spank your juice. Luna SEA and X japan were bands that led the visual-kei revolution of the early 1990's in Japan a revolution that glorified androgyny and beauty. Sugizo covered most aspects of the production recording vocals, guitars, bass, and more.

Along with sugizo, the initial lineup included Mick Karn (bass DJ baku (turntable and K-Ta (vibraphone and percussion). Sugizo is a musician, producer, and violinist and guitarist for the band. As a child, sugizo had been quite active and excelling in academics, sports, and music. Their first concert showcased a splendid amalgamation of Hard-core, Noise, Dub, Avant-garde and blissful psychedelic punk jazz that could only come from four such intense musicians.