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Clearly, the investigation took place prior to the events in Dallas. After Kennedys assassination, Baughman was publicly critical of the actions or inactions of the Secret Service as he witnessed them from outside the agency.

If there was NO racism in the Secret Service even in the comparatively unenlightened year of 1963, how is it then that, a mere few years ago in 2000, 2002, and as recently as 2005, no fewer than 68 African-American. In early November 1963 I was back in the Chicago office when the Secret Service was in the middle of investigating a shady character named Echevarria, who had been overhead to say that he was about to take care of Kennedy.

Andrew Kiel, James Fetzer, and even. For example, as far it being a policy to forbid agents to ride on the running boards of the presidential vehicle (they were attached solely for the purpose of protecting the president this ridiculous piece of disinformation wasnt circulated until after the assassination. I may well be a convicted felon but I sleep well at night knowing I did everything I could to save the life of President Kennedy. Blaine dismisses my claims of discriminatory practices and racial baiting during my time with the agency as being unfounded.