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Face Full of, alien

It takes both his symbiote and an antidote to cure him. Sokar's backstory is mostly revealed in dialog, and he only appears in person in the season 3 two-parter " Jolinar's Memories The Devil You Know " (although his magnified voice is heard in season 2's " Serpent's Song. When Sha're gives birth to a boy, Shifu, Amonet takes control of Sha're but keeps information about the child to herself.

But offered up plenty of interesting story material for future episodes of Stargate Universe. The Tunnels series has the Styx reproduce this way every once in a while. If the neurosurgery doesn't go well, then the resulting spawn will be more of a daughter than a rebirth, retaining the memories of the host but not growing a similar personality to match.

Exalted gives us a few Yozis with powers like this. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Identity Crisis, Geordi and several of his former crewmates are metamorphosed into invisible feral aliens after being infected by a parasite on the planet Tarchannen III they were surveying several years before.