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Mormons - History, Settlement, Interactions with

In Utah boundaries frequently split neighborhoods, and there is very little contact outside assigned wards. While many women work, studies show that women in Utah are more likely to work part time and many Mormon Utah women stay at home. O'Dea that the Mormons 'represent the clearest example to be found in our national history of the evolution of a native and indigenously developed ethnic minority (.

Studies ways of reconciling sexual orientation with traditional Mormon beliefs. So Mormons started to gather there. It made cohabitation illegal; federal officials only had to prove that husband and wives were living together and not that multiple marriages had been performed for the law to have been broken.

General church leaders encouraged local leaders to set aside Monday for the weekly meeting, prohibited ward or stake meetings that night, and provided lesson and activity manuals to assist families in their time together. Church leaders encourage Mormons to be self-sufficient. Salt Lake City: Deseret Books, 1992.