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Any idea how much steel a 223 will penetrate?

Test Protocol, tests 1-6: Bare gelatin, heavy clothing, automobile sheet metal, wallboard, plywood, and vehicle windshield safety glass, were shot a distance of 10 feet from the muzzle. Reply With", 11:45 PM #9 Re: 223 Remington shooting steel plate I just got some 30-06 FMJ's that are from the Lake City Armory. I think if you look very carefully you will see that some of the copper jackets are melted right in to the plate steel. I'd like to do the same test with it, starting with the 1/2" plate.

Shorter barrels would bleed off excessive velocity to reliably fragment and produce good temporary stretch cavities at close range. As a result of renewed law enforcement interest in the.223 round and in the newer weapons systems developed around it, the FBI recently subjected several various.223 caliber projectiles to 13 different ballistic tests and compared their performance to that. This is a fact that I have been preaching for a long time. THE writers, editors, AND publishers OF this article accept NO responsibility FOR ANY liability, injuries OR damages arising OUT OF ANY persons attempt TO rely upon ANY information contained herein.

Unneeded brackets and such. I know for a fact that I wouldn't want to hide behind 3/8 steel plate with a guy shooting little ole 223 reloads. This phenomenon is primarily attributed to the synergistic effects of temporary stretch cavity (as opposed to the relatively lower velocity stretching which typifies most pistol rounds) and bullet fragmentation on living tissue. Round three connected, penetrated and remained in the subject.