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What, shoes, should I Wear to Go, swing

Time for a dance party! You can also cut the plastic in two pieces (left-to-right) so you the shoe can bend when just walking. Mens swing dance shoes come in lace up dance oxfords, saddle shoes, character shoes, and black and white wingtip dance shoes. . TIP: You'll want to measure out the fabric/plastic pieces bigger than shoes, glue them on, and then trim to fit after the glue sets.

Custom outdoor - Cut out a piece of plastic off any square/flat containers (like kitty litter or detergent buckets) that will fit the entire front section of the shoe. This is probably also located in the shoe depart or at your local hardware store.

Adhesive felt, for a quick fix, but not permanent. Be sure to find one piece of fabric that will fit the entire shoe you want to cover. Guhchin neh soom soriga nuhleul michigeh heh. Heeled character shoes, T strap 20s shoes,  two-tone oxford or saddle shoes, penny loafers, peep toe sandals, and wedges work well for women.