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He is a paraplegic police officer who suffers from impotence and incontinence. " I Never Met the Dead Man " April 11, 1999 1ACX02 2 2 While teaching Meg to drive, Peter crashes into a satellite dish and knocks out the city's cable. Spooner Street neighbors edit John Herbert (voiced by Mike Henry ) An elderly pederast often referred to solely by last name, who resides just down the street from the Griffin family and distributes Popsicle ice pops to small children in his basement.

In his premiere episode, he jokes that his father was a tree, but in the episode " And Then There Were Fewer " he blames his condition on James Woods. After he is born, he begins playing at the same park as Stewie, and the two fight over who will rule the playground.

What if Peter found a Genie lamp? But when the test results determine Peter is legally mentally challenged, everyone ends up looking stupid.