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Repression: the ego's ridding itself of unacceptable desires and ideas by dumping them into unconsciousness. Cathartic Method: the name Freud and Joseph Breuer gave to their method of allowing patients to get relief by talking out their previously repressed emotions. Two types: forepleasure (infantile stimulation) and endpleasure (mature satisfaction).

Erotism, importance of: That Freuds emphasis on the importance of sex and Eros scandalized the Victorian public is untrue. Reducing racial fetishism to the phallic drama runs the risk of flattening out the hierarchies of social difference, thereby relegating race and class to secondary status along a primarily sexual signifying chain". Libido: the psychosexual energy originating in the. Conscience: one of two sectors that comprise the superego.

Pleasure Principle (long version: the Pleasure-Pain Principle our most fundamental striving is toward pleasure and away from pain. Freud quickly realized that this relief was only temporary and did not produce lasting personality changes. Two key components of mass process: regressive identification with a powerful leader or idea, and replacement of one's ego ideal with that leader or idea.