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A strict, smart brunette Amazon spanks, straps, paddles and enforces both nudity and traditional sorority discipline on a saucy blonde 21 year old girl brat. 1614, the Petite Protegee, stars: Snow Mercy, Violet October, released:2014. Blacked - Riley Reid More Than A Little Friendly 31:50 856, bangBros - Kali Roses Hottie Orders Monster Cock MonstersOfCock 36:27 1150, pervMom - Jasmine Jae Midnight Snatch Snack 43:55 814, theLisaAnn - Lisa Ann, Brett Rossi Threeway 29:38. So Josette doesnt hesitate to take the diminutive blonde across her lap and apply her punishing hand to the seat of Penelopes pretty peach lace skirt, then her flowered bikini panties and finally, to the smooth white skin of the freshmans bare bottom.

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After breaking or flouting six sorority house rules, Pledge Penelope (Violet October) is up for a disciplinary review before senior sister Josette (Snow Mercy who relishes her position as queen bee at Lambda Sigma Zeta. With her small, but well rounded seat and surprising tolerance, the fair haired brat rebels against her senior sisters authority, by talking back and daring to smile and laugh at the rain of smacks descending on her blushing buttocks.