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See Idol Gives Back for the list of performances in that special episode. The media noted that several of the other season 7 semi-finalists had previously also had record deals, including Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White, and Michael Johns (David Cook released an independent solo album and had finished recording. Syesha Mercado Syesha Mercado (born January 2, 1987 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, 21 at the time of the show) is from Sarasota, Florida who auditioned in Miami with Aretha Franklin 's " Think ".

During Hollywood week, she became ill and almost completely lost her voice. 38 She performed Aretha Franklin's " Until You Come Back to Me " and The Kiki Dee Band 's " I've Got The Music In Me " at the Hollywood rounds. American Idol' cuts final four semifinalists, reveals Top 12 finalists".

"Abdul makes gaffe on US Idol show". 25 Joanne Borgella (25 at the time of the show) was a model from Hoboken, New Jersey, who auditioned in Philadelphia. Colton Swon, who originally auditioned in Dallas, but he was cut in the last day of Hollywood Week, competed in the fourth season of The Voice with his older brother Zach as The Swon Brothers.