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Looking forward to spring and our new Bennington!

If all of the WMT's qualifying tournaments fill to capacity during the regular season, a team that wins the Heckel's Cup(TM) will be taking home 50,000.00 for their effort. The people of Eagle River has always welcomed the WMT and their competitors with open arms, and with all of the great muskie fishing that surrounds the community, it makes for the perfect muskie fishing experience. The top 66 teams that competed during the WMT's regular season will be fishing for over 300,000.00 in cash and prizes that will available during the Invitational.

Heckel's Marina will pay out 3,000.00 to the Heckel's boat owner that finishes the highest at the 2006 WMT Invitational Championship, to be held on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes. The winners of the bonus programs: Smokey's Muskellunge Shop: Scott Kuharske and Joe Perry, gLoomis rods: Scott Kuharske and Joe Perry, uP Musky Products: Scott Lewandowski and Dan Dassow. An additional incentive program was available to all Ranger boat owners who purchased their boat from Heckel's Marina, qualified and won the Invitational Championship (worth 10,000.00). The team of Mark Lijewski and Clay Schroeder held on to the lead they had held throughout the season and took home engraved plaques, a 5,000.00 bonus and a paid exemption and the number two spot in the 2007 Invitational Championship.

The WMT feels fortunate to be returning to Eagle River for our Championship as it is the best venue, in all of muskie fishing, to host a tournament. For the second year in a row, the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce and Heckel's Marina has worked together with the WMT to bring the Invitational Championship to the Eagle River area.